Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tangy tamarind gravy

This is a gravy made of tamarind and onion and tangy in taste. This gravy is mixed with rice and eaten, with side dishes like cooked vegetables.

Tamarind : Big lemon size ( or use tamarind paste accordingly)
Gingely oil : 4 tsps
Mustard: 1 tspMehti or vendayam or fenugreek seeds : 1 tsp
Tur dal or thuvaramparupu or redgram- 2 tsps
Omam or ajwain or tymol seeds : 3/4 tsp
Sambar powder or red chillie powder : 2 tsps
Salt - 1 and a 1\2 tspsGroundnuts : 2 tspns
Drumsticks,or tapioca , or onion , or carrot any of these veggies wld best be suited
Rice flour - 1 to 2 tsps
curry leaves for garnishing

1. Take a pressure pan.
2. Extract the pulp from tamarind apprx 2 to 21/2 cups.
3. Take gingely oil and heat and splutter the mustards. Then add fenugreek seeds, red grams and heat till brown and add the groundnuts. Then add tymol seeds.
4.Add the sambar powder or red chillie powder and mix till it becomes red to a little brown. Add the vegetables ( cut into medium pieces) and fry for a few seconds. Then add the salt. These additions take a few seconds only. 5.Then add the tamarind pulp or paste and stir well. Add the curry leaves.
6. Close the pressure pan. Put on the weight and wait for 3 to 4 whistles. Then open the pan and allow the flame to simmer.
7. Make a paste of rice flour and water and add it to the gravy to make it thick .

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